Career Facilitators

Program Overview

The Arkansas Department of Career Education and the State of Arkansas established the Arkansas Works Career Facilitator Program in 2010. The purpose of this program is to extend support to the students who desire help in preparing for today’s demanding workforce. Arkansas’ economic success depends on its ability to provide a trained workforce, with individuals who are skillfully prepared for the next level of education or career. Our program uses the Arkansas Works College and Career Planning System, an Internet-based planning tool used to help high school students prepare for their futures.


The purpose of the college and career facilitator program is to extend the career guidance services for students moving from high school into post-secondary education. Extended career guidance services can prepare students for a more successful college experience and career by helping them set and achieve realistic goals and develop the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed. The key aspects of the college and career facilitator program are:

  • To increase the number of students who enter and remain in post-secondary education
  • To provide knowledge and the participation in internships, apprenticeships, and exposure to all forms of post-secondary career training and certifications
  • To improve the effectiveness of post-secondary and career information given to high school students and their families
  • To provide high school students with information about career opportunities in Arkansas
  • To encourage individuals to learn about, prepare for, and finance a post-secondary education


The services of college and career facilitators are available to any Arkansas student, with special interest given to those youth and adults from low-income backgrounds. Career facilitators will identify these students while in high school and encourage them to go to college, or be career ready. To prepare Arkansas students to be college and career ready the career facilitators address the following objectives:

  • Provide career guidance development to secondary students to assist them in preparing for high school graduation, post-secondary education, apprenticeship or workforce training, or positive direct placement into the workforce or military.
  • Adopt and promote the state goals for the quality career development of students from middle school through high school and beyond.
  • Assist or work in conjunction with high school guidance counselors and students in identifying and accessing career information and education and training opportunities to improve graduation rates, CTE program of study completion, non-traditional placement, and positive post-secondary placement, thereby decreasing college major changes and subsequent job dissatisfaction.