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December 2021

21 Days of Giving Campaign raises $12,000+

NEWPORT (Ark.) - Arkansas State University-Newport’s recent giving campaign brought in more than $12,000 for the institution including the chancellor matching a portion of the money raised.
In November, ASU-Newport’s Office of Advancement launched the 21 Days of Giving Campaign to encourage employees to give back to the college. The internal giving event featured an email each day to all ASUN employees that highlighted a variety of ways for employees to support a cause they are passionate about or one they may not know exists.
Thirty-three employees donated $12,813 over the 21 days. Special video messages were shared in the emails to display some of the causes ASUN supports. Some of those funds included individual scholarships, flower fund, student success fund, diversity and inclusion scholarships, food pantry, and more.
One of the 21 days was deemed Chancellor Match Day. Dr. Johnny M. Moore, ASUN’s Chancellor, matched all of the money donated that day. ASUN employees donated $4,435 on Chancellor Match Day, bringing the total to $8,870 raised in a single day of the campaign.

 Teriann Turner, Advancement Officer, pictured with Ace the Aviator, and Chancellor Dr. Johnny M. Moore

Thanks to all of the generosity, ASUN’s Offices of Advancement will have more than $12,000 to put toward specific funds and scholarships. The campaign focused on internal giving to allow those closest to the college an opportunity to support its continued success.

“Whether someone chose to support a specific scholarship or simply put money towards the student success fund, it’s humbling to see such an outpouring of support for the 21 Days of Giving Campaign,” said Teriann Turner, Advancement Officer. “This campaign shines a light on the wonderful and giving employees we have that just want to give back to their colleagues and students. As a community college, we value every single dollar that is given to our institution, and we make sure money is spent supporting students and those in need.”

For more information on how you can give to ASU-Newport, contact Teriann Turner at or call her at 870-512-7754.