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ACT College Ready


What is ACT CollegeReady?
ACT CollegeReady is an online, self-paced learning platform delivered in two steps. It begins with an inventory of your current math and/or English skills. Then, it identifies areas where you can improve in math and/or English. Then, it creates a personalized learning path for you. ACT CollegeReady will empower you to address your individual academic needs and prepare you for college-level coursework.

What do you need to do?
1. Sign up for your CollegeReady account. Contact Altonius Peterson, Director of Academic Support, at to get started on ACT CollegeReady today!
2. Take the skills inventory.
3. Work three to five hours per week on your learning paths (at home)!
4. Upon completion of the learning paths, retake the ACCUPLACER test by August 14, 2020. You may be eligible for a FREE test. If you meet the required scores, you can change your Fall 2020 schedule to enroll in Composition I and/or College Algebra.

Why should you participate in ACT CollegeReady’s pilot study?
·         Save Money! Entering directly into ENG 1003 Composition I and/or MATH 1023 College Algebra in your first semester will save you $350-700.
·         Save Time! The time you would spend completing ENG 0053 English Fundamentals and/or MATH 0083 Math Fundamentals can be spent taking courses that count toward your degree.
·         It’s Free! ASU-Newport has partnered with ACT to bring you this incredible resource at ZERO cost to you!

Let’s Do This!
Get started on ACT CollegeReady today!