Campus Police Department

Information and Regulations

View a list of ASUN’s regulations, including parking and campus safety.

The Campus Police Department provides a safe, secure environment that will maximize educational growth and development of its students and foster productive cooperation among its constituents. Other populace we serve are faculty, staff, and visitors. The Campus Police Department, composed of two certified police officers, enforces federal, state and local laws in its jurisdiction. The enforcement of these laws is tempered with an educational philosophy which supports the mission, goals, and objectives of the university.

Mission Statement

Working to enhance the safety of the members of the university community and the security of all of the campus’ facilities. The department enforces institutional policies and municipal and state laws in support of the academic mission. Providing professional safety and security services to the academic community, and educating its members on how to be aware of safety and security issues, are two of this department’s most important responsibilities.

Services Provided

Boosts and Unlocks

The vehicle must be on State property before the service can be provided.

Nightly Escort Service

Never walk alone at night if at all possible. If you absolutely have to walk alone, walk on well-lit walkways and plan your route ahead of time. It is best to walk facing traffic. Ask for assistance from the Campus Police Department if you are frightened or concerned.

Emergency Alert System

Arkansas State University – Newport provides an Emergency Notification Service for faculty, staff, and students.  All students are automatically enrolled.  Faculty and staff university phones are automatically enrolled.  Faculty and staff are encourages to register cell phone as an added notification.  Arkansas State University – Newport has chosen SchoolReach as our method to notify in cases of emergency.