Toolbox For College Success

Welcome Letter!

Freshman Seminar, English Fundamentals, and Math Fundamentals can serve as your navigational system for a successful trip through your first day of class to the final exam! You will find resources, tools, and techniques to help you rescue your students and guide them down a path to success rather than one that’s a complete wreck! Our hopes in developing this site are to offer a less stressful and more successful learning experience for both instructors and students!
Happy navigating!
“May the odds be ever in your favor.” – Suzanne Collins

I am ecstatic that you have chosen ASU – Newport as your gateway to a professional future. Here you will find a welcoming cast of educators that care about your mastery of class content. Mathematics and Physical Science classes are my area of concentration. In them, you can anticipate rigorous coverage of material and assignments that will challenge you to do your best effort. Success is not elusive but requires diligent determination and application, as Albus Dumbledore would say, “Do or do not, there is no try.”
Looking forward to seeing you in class and your success,
Greg Slayton
ASUN – Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Greetings! My hopes are that you use this site as a valuable resource for your college success! We have spent a plethora of time building, designing, and researching to create or find sources to assist you in all general education classes as well as your field of study classes. There are various resources or tools in our toolbox to guide daily classes and even brush up on rusty skills. My colleagues and I wanted to create a site that offered a little bit of everything to both instructors and students. Good luck in your endeavors!

Lori Butler
ASUN—Instructor of English Fundamentals

Hello All! I am so excited that you have stopped by this website to help you with your college experience. We have designed this toolbox to have information to help you in your journey throughout college. There are many resources at the click of a mouse that can help you with many skills you will need in your college career. You can see the area that you excel in if you have not chosen an area of study or you can get tips on how to take notes. I hope that you find the information you need on our website.
Irina Reynolds
ASUN-Instructor of Freshman Seminar and Oral Communication