Student Help: Software & Browsers

Campus Compatibility

Some types of programs interfere with the flow of information across the Internet and will have to be disabled for student e-mail to function properly. These programs can usually be located within either the System Tray or Task Manager in Windows. If your student e-mail isn’t working on your computer, try closing all of the following types of programs:

  • Pop-up Blockers
  • Instant Messengers
  • Download Managers
  • Weather Monitoring Programs
  • Internet Accelerators

Microsoft Office (Student Download)

Arkansas State University – Newport Software offers Microsoft office 365 and other software available for download as part of the Campus License Agreements with vendors. This software is accessed through a third party using the ASU Newport email address and password. This software is supported through this third party (Kivuto) and is not supported by the ASUN Faculty nor ASUN Staff. Please only download the software that is being used within the classroom to prevent compatibility issues. The download and installation of this software should be installed at your own risk. For any issues or help during the install installation please seek professional help from a trained technician.


In order to be eligible for Office 365 ProPlus via the Microsoft Student Advantage program, I confirm that:

  • I am a current ASU – Newport student
  • I will be given access to Office 365 ProPlus for a defined time period, after which I will receive a notification and I will have to re-verify my status on this website
  • If I am no longer a student or cannot successfully re-verify my student status on this website I will no longer have access to Office 365 ProPlus
  • I will discontinue all use of Office 365 ProPlus when I graduate or when I am no longer an active student
  • I must connect to the internet with the device on which Office 365 ProPlus is installed at least once every 30 days otherwise the software will enter reduced functionality mode

Prior to installing the Microsoft Office Suite please remove all trial or previous versions of Microsoft Office. The Office Suite will not activate when using the provided key! Windows Vista and Windows XP are not compatible with Office 365. For system requirements please click here for additional information: Office System Requirements

To access a instructions click here

The Microsoft Office 365 downloads are very big data files! Do not download if you have a low internet data limit such as a cellular subscription or dial-up. The verification for Microsoft can take up to 4 hours. To access the Microsoft products download portal click here .

Browser Alternatives

My ASUN Portal is compatible with the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 7.0+
  • Safari 6.0+
  • Firefox 3.6+
  • Google Chrome 21.0.1180.89

To download an alternate browser, use the following links:

If you are having other problems see the Portal FAQ or Registration Help.