The Counseling Office

The Counseling Office at ASUN is dedicated to providing students with services that will enhance their overall college experience. The counseling office also provides all on-campus student life activities and support to student organizations.

Personal Counseling

The Center’s counselor provides confidential and individual counseling to students. The counselor assists students with building study skills, managing stress and time management. In addition, the counselor strives to help students develop effective life-coping strategies. At the convenience of students, the counseling office is centrally located in the NEA Higher Education Charitable Foundation student lounge of the Student / Community Center (S/CC).

Career and Academic Advising

To help students make early decisions about their career and academic goals, the Counseling Center provides students with career and academic advising. The counselor encourages students to begin thinking of their academic goals in relation to their career aspirations. ASUN students have access to the ASU Career Services office which gives students access to updates on job openings. Students can interview with prospective vendors, format résumés and attend job placement events.

Testing Services

Throughout the year, the counseling office administers the ACT Residual to students enrolling at ASUN. The ACT Residual is administered on-campus and costs only $30.00.