Schedule of Courses

Fall Semester (16 credit hours)

HVLT 1001 Introduction to Utilities

HVLT 1102 Introduction to Climbing & Groundman Procedures

HVLT 1203 Electrical Safety

HVLT 1301 Heavy Construction Equipment I

HVLT 1403 DC and AC Circuit Analysis

MATH 1103 Technical Mathematics

MIS 1443 Technical Computer Applications

Spring Semester (16 credit hours)

HVLT 1504 Overhead Distribution Systems and Pole Framing

HVLT 1703 Principles of Operation of High Voltage Distribution Systems

HVLT 1801 Underground Distribution

ENG 1233 Technical Composition

PSY 1013 Human Relations

HVLT 1401 Heavy Construction Equipment II

HVLT 1701 Introduction to Transformers

Summer Semester (4 credit hours)

HVLT 1904 Electrical Capstone Experience