Technical Courses

HVLT 1001 Introduction to Utilities

This is the beginning course for the apprentice program and contains instruction focused around electrical systems in an overview.

HVLT 1102 Introduction to Climbing & Groundman Procedures

This course is the foundation on which future courses build. In this course classroom the students will be instructed in wood quality requirements, pole inspection techniques, care and fitting of climbing equipment and safety procedures related to pole climbing. This course will instruct the student on the basic expectations for the team-member stationed on the ground. The course will also include basic safety requirements, CPR, and first aid. It will also include topics such as ropes, knots, and rigging.

HVLT 1203 Electrical Safety

This course will provide instruction in safety practices related to electrical utilities. Students will be instructed in NESC, NEC as well as OSHA requirements.

HVLT 1301 Heavy Construction Equipment I

This course will include instruction of basic equipment operation. Students will receive instruction in basic set-up procedures, vehicle inspection, hand signals, and safety issues related to the operation of equipment.

HVLT 1401 Heavy Construction Equipment II

This course is a continuance of the instructions received in Heavy Construction Equipment I.

HVLT 1403 DC and AC Circuit Analysis

This course will provide the student with the fundamentals of electricity. It will provide a basic understanding of formulas necessary to the field of electricity and electronics. Other topics covered will be the use of meters and how testing is accomplished.

HVLT 1504 Overhead Distribution Systems & Pole Framing

The student will receive instruction in overhead line construction. This course will provide instruction in wire sagging, installing pole mounted equipment, and safety practices. This course is a laboratory course providing instruction in setting poles, materials required, reading plans.

HVLT 1701 Introduction to Transformers

This course will provide the student with the basic understanding of transformers. This will include transformer construction, operation, connections, transformer loading, and safety.

HVLT 1703 Principles of Operation of High Voltage Distribution Systems

This course will include an overview to substations, transmission systems, and generation systems. Instruction will be provided in electrical devices, i.e. step-up transformers, regulators, capacitors, breakers, fusing, etc.

HVLT 1801 Underground Distribution

Instruction will be provided in trenching, shoring and tools needed to construct and maintain underground distribution systems.

HVLT 1904 Electrical Capstone Experience I

An employment experience relating to the electrical utilities. An instructor will monitor the student’s progress with the supervising employer.