Computer Networking Technology

Degree Options

  • Associate of Applied Science in Computer and Networking Technology
  • Technical Certificate in Computer and Networking Technology

Scope of Program

To provide students the education, experience and resources needed to enter the information technology field.

Program Overview

The 1st year foundation skills are focused on personal computers and basic computer networking concepts. The 2nd year expands on the skills learned during the first year.

Areas Covered in Program

DC/AC circuits; Networking Essentials; Router Configurations; Cabling Standards; Local Area Network (LAN) Administration; Wide Area Network (WAN); Fiber Optics; Microcomputer Applications; Linux; and Programming and Programmable Logic Controls


The CNT program of study includes an elective internship.

The CNT department has developed relationships with several businesses in the Jonesboro area including the City of Jonesboro, St. Bernard’s Medical Center, PC Doc and Millennium 3.

Benefits of Participating in an Internship

  • Student get the chance to apply classroom knowledge to real life situations.
  • Students have the opportunity to network with businesses in the industry.
  • Businesses have the chance to train new employees in the information technology industry.