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Automotive Service Technology

Automotive Service Technology

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Course Descriptions for Technical Certificate

AST 1105 Automotive Engine Repair
A study of internal combustion engines which includes diagnosing and testing valve trains, lubrication systems, cooling systems, and engine assembly. Instruction in the use of related measuring instruments and analytical test equipment for servicing to manufacturers specifications is included. Safety will be emphasized.

AST 1106 Automotive Electrical/Electronic Systems
A study of direct current fundamentals as needed in the theory and troubleshooting of all electrical and electronic circuits and systems incorporated by automotive manufacturers. Diagnostic and testing procedures, equipment, and hand tools will be utilized in the maintaining and service/repair of the automobile electrical/electronic components. Safety is emphasized.

AST 1203 Automotive Brake Systems
A study of hydraulic principles and fluid controls which operate the brake system. Emphasis will be on system diagnosis and repair of the brake system. Safety is emphasized.

AST 1205 Automotive Suspension and Steering
A study of automotive steering geometry and undercarriage system, including alignment. Emphasis is on diagnosis and repair of steering components (manual and power), undercarriage systems, as well as realignment and wheel balancing. Safety is emphasized.

AST 1206 Automotive Engine Performance
A study of fuel systems, ignition systems, engine testing, emission and emission controls. Fuel Systems will include system principles and testing techniques on both carburetors and fuel injection. Ignition systems will include systems testing and diagnosis with up-to-date equipment for engine performance. Emission control will include the study of air pollution, engine performance and its relation, fuel recovery systems, catalytic converters, PVC systems, Air Pump systems and basic electronic controls. Safety is emphasized.

AST 1604 Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning
The theory, construction, operation and repair procedures of the automotive climate control systems. It includes the refrigeration cycle, automatic temperature control systems, heating, ventilation, and CFC recovery and recycling. Special emphasis is placed on safety and general shop procedures.

AST 2105 Automatic Transmission/Transaxles
The automatic transmission unit is divided into the fundamental study of fluid units, torque converters, principles of automatic controls, and planetary gear systems, with service to various components. System testing and safety are emphasized.

AST 2205 Automotive Manual Drive Train & Axles
A study of clutches, conventional automotive transmissions, and overdrive. The student will demonstrate his/her ability to service other components in addition to the transmission; this includes the drive line and final drive assemblies for automotive use. Safety is emphasized.

AST 1003 (Elective) Hybrid, Electric, and Fuel Cell vehicle Technologies
This course will introduce students to the theory, construction, operation and proper repair procedures related to hybrid vehicles. The course will also introduce students to electric, and fuel cell vehicle technologies. Students will receive instruction on the use of diagnostic and service equipment, and safety procedures specifically related to these technologies.

GENERAL EDUCATION: (15 credit hours)

ENG 1003 English I

ENG 1013 English II

MATH 1003 Intermediate Algebra (or higher)

Computer Fundamentals elective (3 credit hours)

Social Science elective (3 credit hours)

Directed Electives: (6 credit hours) to be taken during the program