Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

ENG 1233 Technical Composition
This course will include exercises in basic grammar, in mechanics, in sentence structure, and in paragraph structure. Instruction will include skills in completing repair orders, learning abbreviations, and writing complete, concise descriptions of mechanical problems.

MATH 1103 Technical Mathematics
This course is a review of arithmetic, calculator use, linear and angular measurement, use of formulas and equations, elementary applications of geometry and basic statistics. (Credit earned not applicable toward an Associate of Arts degree).

WELD 1404 Intro to TIG Welding
Course will study tungsten inert gas welding, and will consist of the study of equipment, safe practices, different uses and advantages of TIG welding, and the general practice of inert gas welding.

WELD 2304 Advanced SMAW
An advanced study of the application of Shielded Metal Arc Welding (stick) process. This course will include welds made in the overhead and vertical positions. Prerequisite: WELD 1304 or an equivalency exam.

WELD 1403 Manufacturing Safety
This course will cover health and safety guidelines used in today’s Industrial settings. Material covered will include safe work practices for use of electrical, mechanical, and fire safety as well as the laws governing them. Occupational health precautions will also be covered.

WELD 2613 Welding Technology
A study of technologies and concepts associated with the welding and metalworking processes. Materials covered will include welding processes, equipment, codes, and heat treatments of various metals.

WELD 1204 Intro to MIG Welding
A study of basic Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG). This course covers proper operation of equipment, shop safety, and welding of steel in flat and horizontal positions.

WELD 2204 Advanced MIG Welding
Advance study of the application of Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) process. This course will include welds made in the overhead and vertical positions. Welding experience is required for successful completion of this course and will include WELD 1204 or an equivalency exam. Prerequisite: WELD 1304 or equivalency exam

WELD 2413 Welding Fabrication
This course will cover the use of tools and procedures used in the design and fabrication of metallic products. Skills will include measurement, geometric layout, and use of specialized tools.

WELD 2513 Blueprint Reading
This course covers prints and drawings used in the welding industry. The material will cover various types of prints, dimensioning, and symbols.