Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

ENG 1203 Technical Communications
This course provides instruction in preparation of resume and skills involved in successful employment interviews. Techniques of persuasion through written communication for successful employment will be developed by writing essays and reports.

MATH 1013 Mathematical Applications
course description coming soon.

MIS 1033 Introduction to Computers
A required introductory course for all degree seeking students. This course introduces the student to the components of microcomputer systems and to the application of software packages for microcomputer systems. Students will gain “hands-on” experience using popular business application software including word processing, e-mail operations, spreadsheets, and presentation graphics.

TCOM 1012 Security and Alarm
This course will prepare students for entry-level careers in security and alarm system installation and repair. Emphasis will be placed on hands on training with common security and alarm system equipment.

TCOM 1103 Introduction to Networking
The course teaches the fundamentals of networking and data communications and outlines how the all-digital network transports voice, video, and data. This is the first networking course offered in the Telecommunications program that helps prepare the student to sit for the Cisco Certified Entry level Networking Technician (CCENT) certification exam.

TECH 1023 Introduction to Manufacturing
This course is designed to introduce the student to the world of advanced manufacturing and establish a foundation upon which further studies in manufacturing might rest. Students will explore basic manufacturing materials and processes, tools, techniques, and produce some simple products.

TECH 1033 Design for Manufacturing
This course is designed to expand on the introductory manufacturing course and expose the student to basic design concepts, computer skills, and drawing skills used in product and process design within the field of manufacturing. Additionally, the course is designed to expose students to a number of interpersonal skills and competencies necessary for a sustained career in manufacturing.

TECH 1043 Manufacturing Production Processes
This course is designed to provide the student with a hands-on learning experience with the basic tools, equipment, and operations of manufacturing industries. The student will also understand the relationship between a manufacturing need, a design, materials, processes, as well as tools and equipment. During this course, the student will utilize many of these basic manufacturing processes to produce primary and secondary materials for manufacturing.

TECH 1053 Manufacturing Power and Equipment Systems
This course is designed to expand upon previous courses and allow students the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge of power systems and use the advanced tools of manufacturing production. Students will plan, design, implement, use, and troubleshoot manufacturing power systems, equipment systems, and control systems.

WELD 1204 Introduction to MIG Welding
A study of basic Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG). This course covers proper operation of equipment, shop safety, and welding of steel in flat and horizontal positions.

WELD 1403 Manufacturing Safety
This course will cover health and safety guidelines used in today’s Industrial settings. Material covered will include safe work practices for use of electrical, mechanical, and fire safety as well as the laws governing them. Occupational health precautions will also be covered.

WELD 2413 Welding Fabrications
This course will cover the use of tools and procedures used in the design and fabrication of metallic products. Skills will include measurement, geometric layout, and use of specialized tools.

WELD 2513 Blueprint Reading
This course covers prints and drawings used in the welding industry. The material will cover various types of prints, dimensioning, and symbols.