Interlibrary Loans

All interlibrary loan transactions are subject to the guidelines set forth in the National Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States 1993, the AMIGOS Resource Sharing Agreement, the AMIGOS/BCR Reciprocal Interlibrary Loan Agreement, the Arkansas Interlibrary Loan Code, and the policies of individual lending libraries. The library will follow CONTU¹ guidelines in interlibrary lending and borrowing.

Eligible Borrowers:

  • All ASUN students currently enrolled in credit classes, adult education, and certificate programs offered by ASUN.
  • ASUN faculty and staff.
  • Interlibrary loan is limited to the ASUN family. Community patrons will need to use their local public library for interlibrary loan transactions.

Charges for Interlibrary Loan:

Patrons making interlibrary loan requests are liable for any charges imposed by the lending institution. If a patron is unwilling to pay for these charges, then he/she should indicate this on the interlibrary loan request form. The library will then request that the lending library not send a requested item if any charges are involved. There are no other charges for interlibrary loan services.

Limitations on Interlibrary Loans:

Interlibrary loan requests for items already in the ASUN Library collection will not be accepted. Due to the costs of interlibrary loan, the library cannot accept requests for popular fiction in any format unless the requested item is for a class assignment.

The following types of materials cannot ordinarily be obtained through interlibrary loan:

  • Materials owned by the library but temporarily in use
  • Rare materials
  • Reference materials
  • Library materials currently in popular demand, such as recently published materials and best sellers
  • Bound volumes of periodicals
  • Genealogical materials

Durations of Interlibrary Loans:

Each lending library sets the due date on materials that it lends, with loan periods varying from library to library. Many libraries lend materials requested through interlibrary loan for a longer length of time than the usual circulation period to allow for mailing. ASUN Library will lend items on interlibrary loan for 30 days and will grant renewals ranging from two weeks to thirty days if items are not on hold for patrons of our library.

¹ CONTU guidelines are included in the Final Report of the National Commission of New Technological Uses of Copyright Works, pp. 55-4-55, 1978.