• Tutoring tables set up in the Learning Center Lab A
  • Instructor Manuals (for tutor use only)
  • Computer Lab hosting 23 computers
  • Course Computer Labs (2 labs consisting of 48 computers total)
  • Smart board and Dry Erase boards.

Record Keeping

  • Semester Reports
  • Outcomes Assessment
  • Schedule
  • Help Desk


  • One-on-One (drop-in) and Group Tutoring
  • Study materials
  • Early Intervention Program
  • Web Page links to extra practice and study skills
  • Workshops dealing with Study skills, LRC introduction, Time Management, Compass preparation, etc.
  • Test proctoring

Helpful Professional Organizations

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the students assigned to the LRC? Can students come on a voluntary basis?

We operate a Academic Support Center that is open to all students conducting homework, needing tutoring or attending workshops. Instructors should include information about the LRC within their syllabus or classroom introductions. LRC staff can also visit classes at the beginning of each semester. Early Intervention Program is designed to catch at-risk students throughout the semester.

How is the effectiveness of the center measured?

The Outcomes Assessment tools will consist of sign in sheets that disclose the type and time of utilization of the LRC.

Are certain developmental classes taught or emphasized in the center? If so which ones?

College Math, Intermediate Algebra, Writing Tutorial and Developmental Reading courses are typically housed within the LRC Course Labs. The Labs contain the software needed for these courses. The tutors work with students in all developmental classes as well as other course levels.

What have been the biggest challenges for the learning center?

Our biggest challenge is providing tutors for all course materials. We currently possess Math and English tutoring services; however, it has been challenging assisting our business and science student population effectively or efficiently.

What are the hours of operation?

Fall and Spring Semesters
8:00 – 4:30
Monday – Friday

Summer Hours
8:00 – 4:30
Monday – Friday