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Disability Services


Vice Chancellor

Cheryl Cross

Marked Tree / Jonesboro

Dr. Ashley Buchman

About Disability Services

Disability Services offers a variety of beneficial support services to students with disabilities. Disability Services focus on facilitating opportunities to stimulate and create a barrier free environment, eliminating academic, social, and physical obstacles which impede students’ access to a higher education.

We believe every student has the right to achieve to their highest ability academically, socially, and intellectually. Assistance and accommodations are provided on an individual basis and are determined by a student’s disability documentation. Appropriate accommodations should be requested by the student after verification of his or her disability is received.

It is to your advantage to contact Students Services before enrolling in courses.

Our Goal

Disability Services goal is to provide students with disabilities access to resources that will enable them to manage daily activities in the university setting.

ASUN Student Services is committed to providing opportunities in higher education for students with disabilities who demonstrate reasonable ability for college success. Although ASUN does not offer a specialized curriculum for persons with disabilities or assume the role of a rehabilitation center, ASUN offers a variety of support services so that students with disabilities are admitted and integrated as completely as possible into the university. Responsibility is shared with the student for modifying campus facilities and programs to meet individual needs.

To Obtain Services

To obtain services students must provide documentation of disability to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs on the Newport campus or to the Director of Student Services for the Jonesboro or Marked Tree campuses.