Stacey Harvey

Stacey harvey
Stacey Harvey
Schools Served: Trumann and Weiner School Districts

About Me:

My name is Stacey Harvey. I graduated from Brookland High School in Brookland, AR. I have three degrees from Arkansas State University: Associates of Applied Science degree in Law Enforcement, Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology, and a Master of Arts degree in Sociology.

I have worked various jobs from the police and sheriff’s departments, banking, food stamps and Medicaid, Division of Children & Family Services, and Department of Workforce services before coming to this job. I have always enjoyed working with teenagers and love watching them grow up and learn life skills.

I am a single mother of a daughter, Hali. She is the love of my life and a teenager also so I get the joys of not only working with them all day but coming home to one at night, but I love it. My daughter plays volleyball and softball, so I am a sports mom. I also love going to watch my students play in their sports. I think that helps to give me a better rapport with my students.

I am so excited about this job opportunity to work with my students and to watch them first get excited about finding something that they enjoy doing or want to be when they grow up. Then to watch them grow through the stages from 8th grade up to becoming a senior have been so rewarding. And working with my seniors has been the highlight of this job. Seeing them get excited when they get the acceptance letters from their colleges and being able to receive scholarship money to help pay for college. These memories will last me for a lifetime and I hope that what I do to help them achieve their dream will be in their memories for a lifetime too.