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With the granting of initial accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association in April, 2002, Arkansas State University – Newport began developing an assessment plan that was individualized to reflect ASUN’s mission statement, goals, facilities, and student body. The annual cycle of assessment provides a framework that allows assessment of academic programs, student service programs, and non-academic areas through establishing measurable objectives that coordinate with our mission statement, strategic goals, and accountability matrix. We use assessment processes to document our plan, which in turn allows us to take action based on the results. This process allows for continual monitoring of institutional effectiveness by providing a direct link to institutional planning.

Our assessment plan centers upon two main categories: (1) student learning and (2) institutional effectiveness. Our plan is broken down into five distinct areas: (1) Academic Programs, (2) Academic Support Services, (3) Student Support Services, (4) Institutional Support Services, and (5) Community Support Services. Each of these areas intertwines with and complies with our mission statement, strategic goals and accountability matrix. As changes occur in the campus, the student body, or the course offerings, the priorities-quality teaching and attention to the individual student as a learner– will remain the same.

Purpose of Assessment

A fundamental purpose of our assessment plan is program and service improvement as well as to determine the extent to which the institution is fulfilling its stated mission. Assessment at ASUN is a shared process of intentional, systematic measurement that is used to document, reflect upon, and improve student learning. ASUN’s assessment program is an ongoing process. ASUN views assessment as the collective responsibility of administration, faculty, staff and students to gather and use information which can be used to maintain and enhance the quality of ASUN’s programs and services as well as facilitate student success.